Countdown to Moving Day Checklist


Use the chart below as a guide to make sure that you complete some of the major tasks associated with a move in a timely fashion. By no means is this list exhaustive – there are many little tasks that you will have to do along the way as well. You might want to think about making a chart like this one to help you stay organized.


Countdown Checklist

At 8 Weeks


____ Obtain Estimates from different companies and select the one that

        best meets your needs.


At 6 Weeks


____ Meet with your mover and discuss all details: cost, liability 

        coverage, packing, loading, delivery, and claims procedures.


____ Sort through and throw out, give away, or sell things you don’t

        want or need.


At 4 Weeks


____ If the mover does the packing, arrange for it to be done one to 

        two days before loading.


____ If packing yourself, begin packing.


____ If necessary, arrange for storage of your goods.


____ Send furniture, drapes, and carpets for repair or cleaning.


____ Arrange for repair work on your new house.


At 3 Weeks


____ Arrange to have appliances, utilities, and telephone disconnected in

        your old house. Arrange utility and telephone hookup for new



____ Make travel arrangements and hotel reservations for your trip.


____ Apartment dwellers: reserve elevator for pickup and/or delivery



____ Obtain medical, dental, and veterinary records.


____ Organize car license, registration and insurance records.


At 2 Weeks


____ Obtain, fill out and mail change of address cards.


____ Make special arrangements for transporting pets and plants.


____ Take care of bills, stocks, and bank accounts.


At 1 Weeks


____ Arrange for a baby sitter on moving day.


____ Transfer prescriptions.


____ Arrange for delivery services (newspapers, etc.) to be



At 1-2 Days


____ Have mover pack your goods.


____ Defrost and dry refrigerators and freezers to be moved.


____ Arrange for cash/traveler’s checks for trip expenses and payment 

        to mover.


____ If traveling by car, check your gas, tires, water, battery, oil,





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