Our Estimating Services

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Why do I need an estimate?                   

We provide free estimates to our customers in the attempt to eliminate surprises from your move. An estimate supplies you, the consumer, with as accurate an assessment of the potential charges as possible. An accurate estimate cannot be calculated without a visual survey of the goods to be moved.

What will the estimator do?

The estimator will schedule an appointment with you to come to your home, apartment, or business. They will visually survey the belongings and items to be shipped or moved. They will also take time to discuss your options for packing services and storage, as well as addressing any of the special conditions or situations that may be involved in your move.


It is much more efficient to spend 15-30 minutes in your home or business, than it is to spend several hours on the phone cataloguing your belongings.

How is an estimate calculated?

The following information pertains primarily to local moves. For information about interstate or international moves, please click here.


The estimator bases the figures on a variety of elements. The amount or volume of items is considered. The types of items may also be considered, especially if there are items that by their very nature require special handling (Ex: very heavy items may take a bit longer to load or unload, very delicate items may require special handling). The building's location and situation may also be factors. For example, it may take much longer for us to move your belongings up five flights of stairs than it does to use an elevator.


For local moves, our estimator calculates the time it will probably take to move the goods, how many men will be necessary, and multiplies these figures by the local moving rates. The figure is then added to the cost of any additionally requested services like packing or crating. The estimator is providing you with their best educated opinion of the charges related to your move.

How can I make an appointment?

There are two ways to request an estimate appointment with ABC Kortsch Moving and Storage Co., Inc.:

  • By phone at 414-276-9990
  • Fill out our electronic Request an Estimate form here. The estimator will call you to set the appointment.

How will I receive my estimate?

Upon completion of the estimate appointment, the estimator calculates the charges. An estimate form is then mailed to you. It may also be faxed, emailed, or picked up from our offices, if you prefer.

Does this mean my move is booked?

NO! An estimate appointment does not book the move. Once you see the Estimate document, please call our offices at 414-276-9990 to schedule your move.