The night before the move, take some time to pack up the things that you need to use on a daily basis. Since these items are used daily, you will need to know where they are immediately after you settle in as well. Following is a list of suggestions of commonly used daily items and things you’ll likely need first at your new home:

  • Toiletries:
    • Ex: personal care items, daily medicines, tissues, etc.
    • You’ll need them right away in the morning and at night at your new home, so get a travel bag ready and as you get ready in the morning, pack these items.
  • Bedding:
    • Ex: sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc.
    • Moving day is tiring and you will want to have easy access to these items for your first night in your new home. Have cartons ready and labeled the night before, so you only have to strip beds, fold, and pack in the morning.
  • Towels:
    • You won’t want to dig for these either, so make sure you have these cartons labeled and ready, too.
  • Tools:
    • Ex: hammer, pliers, screwdriver, level, nails, screws, anchors, picture hanging wire, etc.
    • One of the first things you’ll do is assemble furniture (or have the moving staff do this for you) and hang items on the walls of your home. Have tools ready and clearly labeled and you’ll avoid a headache.
  • Kitchen:
    • Ex: coffee machine, breakfast, disposable cups/plates, etc.
    • You’ll need them right away in the morning and at night at your new home.
  • Light Bulbs:
    • Ex: a variety of wattages and types
    • You’ll want to be able to light your new home on your first night there. It might be a good idea for you to pack these in the bedding and towels cartons for extra security.
  • Baby Items:
    • Ex: diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, blankets, children’s Tylenol, etc.
    • You want to make sure that you have everything you might conceivably need in order to take care of your baby. The last thing you want is to need a baby care item only to realize you don’t know which carton you packed it in.
  • Children’s Needs:
    • Make sure that you pack a special bag for each child for moving day. Make sure you pack their favorite blanket or toy, some books and activities to keep them busy, and juice or snacks for throughout the day. You might want to get them a little something special to get them excited about the move and make it feel like a celebration.




Do a thorough walkthrough of the property to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Remember to check:


 Basement  Closets
 Attic  All Rooms
 Garage  Lock windows and doors
 Back Yard  Turn in keys & garage door openers
 Outbuildings/Sheds  Lights off
 Medicine Cabinet  Furnace/air conditioner off




Call our office with any questions!