Office Moving

Employee Checklist

You will be handling your own packing and preparing your work area for the move and it is vital that all items be packed appropriately and correctly marked. If you have any questions about the proper method for packing any of your things, please ask your supervisor to advise you, or obtain that information from the moving company representative.


  • Desk empty?
  • Supply cabinets cleared?
  • File drawers locked?
  • Wall items taken down?
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Typewriter cartridges centered?
  • Typewriters, computers, and other machines disconnected?
  • “Do Not Move” tags placed (as necessary)?
  • Liquids drained from equipment?
  • Loose casters removed?
  • Desk pads and chair pads tagged?

Take one more look around……

  • Everything tagged and marked correctly?
  • Condition of all furniture and equipment carefully checked?




Please call our office with any questions!