• Make sure all of the services and utilities you arranged for are in proper order.
  • Call the Chamber of Commerce and let them know you are new to the area and would like information about the town and the county where you’ve relocated.


Scout your neighborhood. Here are some of the places and service providers you might like to make sure you take note of:


 City Hall  Beauty Salon
 Police Station  Churches/Places of Worship
 Fire Department  Service station
 Recycling Center  Decorators
 Post Office  Plumber
 Pharmacy  Painters
 Bank  Lumber Yard
 Supermarket  Home Improvement Store
 Library  Exterminator
 Schools  Landscaping Services
 Diaper Service  Carpenters
 Hospitals  Air Conditioning Contractors
 Insurance  Furniture Dealers



Take time to get your children familiar with the area. Moving can be a very jarring experience for children and making time to familiarize them with their new neighborhood is not only for their comfort, but important for their safety.


Make it an adventure, and take your children on a tour seeking out important locations in the area. Some good places to note are: their school, the local park, movie theater, library, police station, and shopping malls.




Call our office with any questions!